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Faith. What does it mean to be instilled with purpose?

Do you have faith? Do you believe in yourself with a vigor that stands the test of time? Do you have the courage to make it happen in life?

Make what happen?

Well to make what is not seen become seen and to bring alive what is to others dead, that is what I mean. So do you have the faith to press on? What kind of purpose are you living for? Do you understand the purpose of working with others to get what more cooperation in life?

How about the new connection made to the Pain Sufferers Speak Group on Linkedin with someone who invited me? Powerful. A network for healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Diseases, mental issues, and more forms of suffering by Liz Hall.  Sometimes you truly do not know who will ask to connect to you or be affiliated with you in any particular way. It can be through your own ways of being or who you also seek out for connectivity as well to make dreams come true. Passion gets fulfilled eventually and so does independence.

So I guess its time to practice what you preach!

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What does it mean to Sparkle Unlimited?

Can we be trillionaires or more in wealth?

Absolutely. Though why are so many of us instead opting for mediocrity? Is it not our own faults that we are choosing that path?

Yes. We are denying ourselves in favor of Worldwide bullies instead of unlimited capability. It’s wrong I truly believe and it is why I have chosen to write this.

Are we capable of shining brilliantly?

Yes. For sure and in fact we were meant to as the gong blasts this power out into the waves of space like that too.

Frequencies of love come from understanding our pains and being as unlimited as possible with our native nature. There is an aboriginal diaspora going on right now on our Earth that we need to take heed to by observing our worst fears and by embracing our greatest possibilities with no longer any sense of denial of who we truly are. That restfulness while asleep and willingness while ALIVE! That is sparkling unlimited and shining at the highest UV light possible with an aura filled with joy, peace, laughter, balance, and unyielding optimism. Continuous youthful consciousness and creations abound.



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What is God?

As stated by a dear friend of the Moorish Science Temple of America God is not a thing. God is awareness and will. Awareness when at rest and willing when active. God is aware of and wills the material/spiritual into this matrix that we know of as Earth. God is made into a HE energy because of the Fatherly essence that this awareness and will utilizes for the active creation yet it is also very much a SHE too in its ways for balance in a contrived matrix of reality. We make reality into what we want it to be as we live in life, and isn’t that our way of experiencing what is God? Yes I think it truly is so and that way for sure as I mature and get into fullness of realization. Both knowledge and awareness are keys to be able to express my will onto the World I live in and I am fully responsible for what kinds of consequences that I generate from doing so.



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Possibility is like Money. Speculation brings the value eventually.

I AM POSSIBILITY.  I am that Pure Flow forever bringing peace to the World if I am truly living that way instead of going away from that purity that resides in flowing nature itself. I need to be Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished as Tupac Shakur said because there is so much that needs to be revitalized in this World today.  There is too much pain, there is too much stress, there is too little support for the right peoples who need it to avoid them any longer. The horizon of success and truth rises with more awareness of self and allowing the capability of change to flow through you. The possibility of trillions or far more is not only REAL it is possible as well instantly if we can know these numbers TODAY. You see speculation is a tool in finance today which is simply predicting that the future of a commodity or good or service will be worth far more tomorrow than it is in today’s World. Yet again these are just words describing what reality is to us all as people and as individuals. Money truly derives its value from being utilized and traded through vessels like goods and resources as we all know.

What’s truth?

Can value far exceed limited ways?


So let’s stop thinking billions are big numbers or trillions because in fact they are TINY in the scheme of things but it’s just how you use the numbers you work with that matters quite literally in the balancing act of life. Right? For instance if I had 500 trillion Dollars today and  I used all of that in peaceful activity it would literally end poverty tomorrow! Also we could speculate money out quadrillions of times but use all of the money for actually employing people and helping the World instead of just wasting it on simply betting on what will happen or not happen. Get my drift? The pure flow of numbers goes on and on and on. The value of life is in the greatest good or the highest essence of truth neutralized out of the worst happenings isn’t it?

Let’s flow.

Tupac said it so well.

“If you’re good in your heart then you are closer to God but if you’re evil then you’re close to the devil. That makes sense. I see that every day.”

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Thincubator. What is it?


Well first of all I am living in Utica New York right now at this very moment and the entrepreneurial scene is just beginning to pick up a pace. You see many will hate money and despise it for its reputation but then again money itself is the most diverse instrument known to mankind and does not discriminate anyone for even the worst of us have it in some way, shape, or form. Money also can take on a spiritual context in terms of numbers and receiving power.  An inner genius inside us.

What is Inner Genius?

Inner Genius is a 6 week lifestyle design program that helps you reverse engineer your goals, make great moves, and build the life you desire. The first ever Inner Genius Program is currently now in session and I am a proud participant of it. This is an intense 6 week period of self discovery, joy, and spiritual unity for me indeed.

As stated by Ryan Miller Founder of the Mohawk Valley Community College’s Thincubator Program, “When you join Inner Genius you are a part of a group that meets for 6 weeks and helps you build a roadmap to execute on your dreams whether you’re considering a career move, starting your own venture, continuing your education or pursuing a promotion. Regardless of your reason, discovering your inner genius will help you formulate your freedom & gain confidence to make real change in your life for designing a better future.”


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Feel The Infinite

Feel the flow. Feel the infinite and ambient nature of the divine as it is needed for people right now more and more. Experience it. Enjoy it!

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Do Not Be Afraid of What You Criticize

Are you afraid of what you criticize? Do you hate politics? Or do you instead look at political relations as something that needs to be neutralized in favor of your own leadership in life as what is TRULY important?

How many of us are always afraid?

How many of us are ACTUALLY “LIVING” out our DREAMS and VISIONS instead of just talking about them?

Truth is in between all of these questions and more. Criticizing others whether that is any of your favorite celebrities, International and National Presidents, and others matters not because by doing so you are afraid of something that they are giving out. Possibly not exactly fear exudes out of the sentiments all of the time, but it is more or less that you wish that you could have as much confidence to do what those people are doing in life. Something deep in them is deep in you and vice versa. Let’s stop pretending and be real about what is true. What is real is holistic and completely integrative not separated whatsoever! So many of us choose to be career oriented instead of being entrepreneurs for instance.

Why is this?

Are we lacking our own expressive creativity to change the World on purpose?

Stop letting them define the things you can and can’t do. -Eerie Canal


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