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Raising our frequency with Reiki. Universal Energy healing!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energetic healing art which is also known as universal energy in Japanese. Reiki encompasses all of the chakras or coils of energy on the human body and auras of color signify each of them too. I first heard of Reiki healing therapy in Rochester New York from the Founder of The Reiki Healing Center of Rochester  Barbara Carlton. Now in Utica New York Ilion is the closest town to me where Reiki healing is being done at the store Earthly Matters Crystals and Stones. Reiki is great for all ages and is beautiful for balancing yourself. A Reiki 1 Class is going on July 30th and by the end of it a certificate will be received by the participant, a manual on CD given and chakra stones all for $65.00


reiki incense

28264538 - healers cupped hands and reiki kanji symbol on misty background

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Creating a New Way

Creating a new way for the World in front of you is so much like cultivating new lands from seeds without any sense of fear. There is no need to fear your success when you can smile for what is greater for you and what is more possible for you. Neutralize your fears with the creation of a new way out of the depths of what is within you. There is an excellent growing process called permaculture that is much like what I am stating here. What’s permaculture?

Well permaculture is a design system for ecological and sustainable living, integrating plants, animals, buildings, people, and communities together.


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Creating Generational Wealth

How do we create generational wealth?

Working together until we die together as a people. If we are divided from each other that is when we are the worst with each other as a whole. Creating generational wealth comes from the most positive attitudes of working and owning resources together as one humanity or managing our Earth’s resources.

This is an article repost from FamilyLegacyLegal’s Keys To Building Generational Wealth Article:

Welcome to Straight Talk. We at Legacy Legal and Family Legacy Trainings appreciate your enjoyment of our weekly insights on Building Generational Wealth.

Building Generational Wealth is about more than just money. It is about wealth in values, beliefs and traditions. There are 4 keys to Building Generational Wealth.

Key number one is personal power. The thinking and actions you take each and every day consistent with your values and beliefs. How your thoughts become your beliefs and then your actions. Do you take responsibility for what happens to you in life or do you blame others or circumstances? As I have moved through this journey in life, I have learned a very powerful lesson and that is that we create our world. Everything in our world is a construct of our own mind. How we perceive events, how we interpret them, the stories we tell. So if we create our own world and it isn’t what we like, guess what? We can change it. That is personal power.

Key number two is Business Prosperity. Every one needs an income. For some it’s a job. For others it’s a career and for some it’s being an entrepreneur and building a business. Some people think they have a business when in reality they created a job for themself. So how do we get Business Prosperity? Well, for one thing, we have to first look at the model we are going to use for that prosperity and once we have chosen that model then we can look at how we invest in ourselves and build a mindset of asset based thinking rather than income based thinking.

Key number three is financial wealth. Do you make money and spend money? What is your approach to money? Do you invest it in assets that generate income without you having to do anything for it? In the financial advising world there are really only 5 categories of assets you can invest in. Stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and currency. That’s it. That is the universe of assets. Now of course, there are a myriad of strategies within each of these and we are told to diversify into broad classes of assets and categories within each class so that your portfolio as a whole can be protected. Understanding these different types of investments and then the manner in the way you will invest in them is important to building overall financial wealth. And don’t forget the rule of 72’s which says that over a certain period of time with a certain interest rate, your money will double. So at a 7% interest rate it will take 10 years to double your money. This of course assumes you can get 7% every year and also assumes that you don’t suffer a downturn. Sometimes not very realistic which means charting a course and adjusting is imperative.

Key number four is a tax fortress. What type of plan have you created to preserve and protect your wealth by having an impenetrable wall against the IRS and creditors? We have found in all our work that most people approach this last area from a benevolent dictator position. Here is the money, I will be dead so what! I will suggest that while you are still here, having the right conversations with the family, creating a vision and a plan will cement the opportunity to build wealth and know that the family can achieve and accomplish more for themselves than they realized is possible. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have a mortgage payment. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to rely on credit cards. Making sure your money can provide benefits for future family members.

Building Generational Wealth the right way is a team effort. Our advisors are knowledgeable, experienced and deliver quality to make sure you are put at-ease in these turbulent times.

Thank you for being a part of our Straight Talk community. We educate, transform and inspire business owners and families in changing the way they think and talk about wealth in money, values, beliefs and traditions. By Uniting, Aligning and Nurturing your common purpose and vision you can preserve and protect wealth and leave each generation accomplishing clarity year round. Legacy. What is your Legacy?



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MESH #3 Creative Networking Upstate New York

The 3rd MESH of 2017 is just around the corner!
No two MESH events are the same. We’ve got a couple of exciting happenings planned for the evening and we don’t want you to miss it! The line up is coming soon!
What’s MESH?
MESH exists to build Creative Collisions between the Makers, Entrepreneurs, Students & Hackers across upstate NY. We’re helping to spark a community of innovators who want to plant ideas, cross-pollinate, and grow companies across our region.
So how does this work?
First off, Register! Then come to our thINC space, have some light food and drinks and mingle with folks who want to move there ideas forward, brainstorm, solve problems, and MESH. We have something unique planned at every event.
If you have an interest in pursuing your own business, collaborating with others or just taking the next steps in helping to create a startup ecosystem, MESH is for you.
Can’t wait to see you there!

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BLEXIT Expo Q3: Exchanging Ideas and Solutions

Be sure to attend the Black Economic Exit’s Third Quarter Bitcoin Expo detailing ideas of how to adopt cryptocurrency for your own business, individual freelancing projects, and or just investing for self. Too many of us are focusing on fighting police and governments when we should instead focus on being apolitical and decentralized peer to peer between ourselves. Human to Human which is real MONEY and that is MONEY between ourselves digitally and cryptographically not to be disseminated by Central Banks of the World for much longer.  If you don’t know much about the creation of money please study on your merits before you learn about Bitcoin and cryptography.

There is always something that we can learn from others including Moors of the African Diaspora of the past and the current one going on now between continents.

From Exu Miller El Founder of the Moab’bit Association of The Moorish Science Temple of America:

“General Admission will give you entry into the Bitcoin Expo as an observer. Listen in as we discuss ideas of how to advance bitcoin adoption, our experiences and best practices. We will cover the BLEXIT, bitcoin, banking and enterprise. All proceeds go to the BLEXIT crowdfund. We appreciate your support.

For VIP Tickets to join our panel, visit and purchase your ticket dirextly through the website with bitcoin.”


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Can we forgive those who hurt us?

Are we too attached to our own ideas of who we have been before that we can’t accept who we can become?

Do certain peoples points about us irritate us a lot inside?

If so then we are struggling with forgiveness to our brothers and sisters for who they are right now and not for exactly who we want them to be in our minds. Have I said stupid things to people in order to try and make a point? Yes absolutely. Though does that make me dumber for trying? Not all of the time especially if I am aware of it being stupid and ignorant of me to say in the first place. Am I out to always appease everyone with self expression? No not all of the time either, though there are limits with people I have to be accountable for. I struggle with forgiveness of my own self to be able to grow and prosper as that is who I need to forgive the most and that is me as an individual. Can you forgive yourself as an individual too?  Troubling to do so but there are so many ways that we can grow in today’s World if we can forgive ourselves.


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Do Not Be Afraid of What You Criticize

Are you afraid of what you criticize? Do you hate politics? Or do you instead look at political relations as something that needs to be neutralized in favor of your own leadership in life as what is TRULY important?

How many of us are always afraid?

How many of us are ACTUALLY “LIVING” out our DREAMS and VISIONS instead of just talking about them?

Truth is in between all of these questions and more. Criticizing others whether that is any of your favorite celebrities, International and National Presidents, and others matters not because by doing so you are afraid of something that they are giving out. Possibly not exactly fear exudes out of the sentiments all of the time, but it is more or less that you wish that you could have as much confidence to do what those people are doing in life. Something deep in them is deep in you and vice versa. Let’s stop pretending and be real about what is true. What is real is holistic and completely integrative not separated whatsoever! So many of us choose to be career oriented instead of being entrepreneurs for instance.

Why is this?

Are we lacking our own expressive creativity to change the World on purpose?

Stop letting them define the things you can and can’t do. -Eerie Canal


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