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High Vibration

Feel a high vibration as you walk during your day and try to quell the lows by seeing what is more. What is full capability and the fullness of who you can be daily. It always helps you to get on that high vibration. Not only believing in God but knowing and living it as something that is breathing with you and active right now. Yes right now in this moment that I am writing this to you that now. We are so positive when we are that high vibration or the high vibe that brings stellar joy and occupies a sense of creativity and sensibility like no other in the mental space. Is your heart connected to your positive mentality too?

Vibrations are pouring into us by the waves of the Earth’s electrical will power and poetic ways. It is so artistic, scientific, and mathematical all at the same time that it never fails to amaze me. Are we really moving alongside these waves? Or are we failing to do so these days? If we are failing to move alongside these waves today with balance and truth then its necessary to get on a high vibration. To excel upwards to a higher way and a far more positive and balanced way instead of a mediocre way that helps no one. So I decided to start with who I knew best and that is myself for this. To start on raising my own self higher with higher vibes and different actions taken to move forward. Also when we look to where the new community solutions are we always tend to find them and can work with them, therefore riding the high vibration wave.

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She is A Flower

She is a flower  and a temperament of seeds and healing that does not cower. She blossoms from the anger. Petals bring her out with the farmer. With her Mother and her Father it does not matter. Water her gently and treat her wisely for she is of many colors. What do you prefer? If you have had trouble with her then what have you learned lately? Building agility, a sense of tranquility? Incredible ability. Flowering possibility. She is possibility to me. I see her in the tree.

The tree moves upwards rooted below obviously. The truth and guidance of it move me when treating Earth better you see it is more of a sensibility in the earnest behaviors of unearthing more of these gems within. Patience and virtues galore give me the flowers evermore. Digging deeper and putting more into her. Have I looked into myself deep enough yet to find the real answers? Or am I discovering more flowers? More gardens? Beauty is here. Joy and peace are in the sickest of the beast. I tell myself this as the flowers come up yet again in another Season filled with Summer. She is this femininity within me. This easiness and calmness sense of purposefulness. Yes! Stars shining and resurrections of healing in an age of confusion and disturbances fighting peace. Can we bring the balance again?

Yes! With a flower.


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Faith. What does it mean to be instilled with purpose?

Do you have faith? Do you believe in yourself with a vigor that stands the test of time? Do you have the courage to make it happen in life?

Make what happen?

Well to make what is not seen become seen and to bring alive what is to others dead, that is what I mean. So do you have the faith to press on? What kind of purpose are you living for? Do you understand the purpose of working with others to get what more cooperation in life?

How about the new connection made to the Pain Sufferers Speak Group on Linkedin with someone who invited me? Powerful. A network for healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Diseases, mental issues, and more forms of suffering by Liz Hall.  Sometimes you truly do not know who will ask to connect to you or be affiliated with you in any particular way. It can be through your own ways of being or who you also seek out for connectivity as well to make dreams come true. Passion gets fulfilled eventually and so does independence.

So I guess its time to practice what you preach!

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What Is Purity? When is it time to give up?

What is purity?

When is it time to give up?

I’ve been having trouble lately figuring out when it is time to give up. I’ve been asking it more as a question for myself and my own aspirations in life itself. Am I stuck? Or actually in a much better place than I have ever been before? I truly believe that it is the latter of them, and I am in a much better place mentally for sure. I am far freer than ever before this way plus I am seeing so many new opportunities coming up for myself with vision. All of these opportunities will require strong persistence and devotion. I am ready for it as it gets better as relationships strengthen too.

On things that you do not have control over it is often wise to give up. Yet with goals and aspirations for your life it is never really wise to give up especially if you have life still left over for you. Stay pure and stay true to what really motivates you forward like our waters always remind us to do.

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What drives you?

What drives you? What moves you?

Is it selling? Is it fashion? Is it coding? Is it entrepreneurship? Or is it just yourself?

What motivates you?

Life can either get you going or make you depressed, anxious, and filled with problems and issues. How are we going to move ourselves forward?

Freeing ourselves is all about what drives us. What moves us ultimately. Thinking BIG. Thinking much larger than ever before. We are so used to letting others make the decisions for us instead of making our own decisions which is probably why there are less entrepreneurs and far more employees.

Are we excuses? Or are we our drive for life?

The Inner Genius Pilot Program by Ryan Miller of Utica NY really makes me ask this question of people in the World right now. What is our Inner Genius from within?

There is much work to be done and much more to be created!

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What does it mean to Sparkle Unlimited?

Can we be trillionaires or more in wealth?

Absolutely. Though why are so many of us instead opting for mediocrity? Is it not our own faults that we are choosing that path?

Yes. We are denying ourselves in favor of Worldwide bullies instead of unlimited capability. It’s wrong I truly believe and it is why I have chosen to write this.

Are we capable of shining brilliantly?

Yes. For sure and in fact we were meant to as the gong blasts this power out into the waves of space like that too.

Frequencies of love come from understanding our pains and being as unlimited as possible with our native nature. There is an aboriginal diaspora going on right now on our Earth that we need to take heed to by observing our worst fears and by embracing our greatest possibilities with no longer any sense of denial of who we truly are. That restfulness while asleep and willingness while ALIVE! That is sparkling unlimited and shining at the highest UV light possible with an aura filled with joy, peace, laughter, balance, and unyielding optimism. Continuous youthful consciousness and creations abound.



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What is God?

As stated by a dear friend of the Moorish Science Temple of America God is not a thing. God is awareness and will. Awareness when at rest and willing when active. God is aware of and wills the material/spiritual into this matrix that we know of as Earth. God is made into a HE energy because of the Fatherly essence that this awareness and will utilizes for the active creation yet it is also very much a SHE too in its ways for balance in a contrived matrix of reality. We make reality into what we want it to be as we live in life, and isn’t that our way of experiencing what is God? Yes I think it truly is so and that way for sure as I mature and get into fullness of realization. Both knowledge and awareness are keys to be able to express my will onto the World I live in and I am fully responsible for what kinds of consequences that I generate from doing so.



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