What really is Inspiration?

Have you ever been told that inspiration comes from the breath of life into you out of the fire of the universe?
The newly created galaxies making for so much inspiration and divinely gifted people and life on our beauty of a planet. Isn’t it all so wonderful?
This planet Earth of ours that we are all living on right now is really a marvel to look at, take part in, and co-create with as more consciously aware human beings the better off it can be for all of us.
So that being said let’s get into the topic of inspiration and what it means to be inspired by a concept such as that of “PURE FLOW.”

Within the realms of metaphysical study there is a primary concept called cosmic consciousness or the ability to be formless and full of form at the same exact time knowing God right HERE and right NOW, Which was popularized by a well known writer named Walter Russell in his book called “Home Study Course In Cosmic Consciousness.” Walter Russell goes on to state in his book about this very particular concept relating to FLOW the following:

“People consider the Golden Rule just an ideal for practice in close family and social relations, but not for business dealings. Jesus said, Love ye one another, and Do ye unto one another as ye would have them do unto you, but few since that day have known what He meant, or have practiced it in their daily lives.
The way to gradually attain cosmic consciousness is to intensify ones conscious awareness by much aloneness and companionship with God while manifesting Him in every moment and in every task of life.
Moment-by-moment companionship with God brings with it so great a realization of Oneness with Him that the transformation into that full realization of unity is apt to take place at any time.
The deterrent to cosmic consciousness is the feeling that God is far away instead of being within, and that we can reach that far away God only through sources outside of ourselves.”
-Walter Russell “Home Study In The Course of Cosmic Consciousness”

                    Along with the notion of cosmic consciousness comes the free flowing poetic inspiration that is always needed. Here are some of my own. Feel free to join this site and add your own poetic insights and inspirations.

Stop Forgetting



If you know who and what you are then why do you keep forgetting?

Pledging to some illusionary outside forces for what?

If you know of these sources through your own understanding then that is what is important but if not then forget praising them because that comes from someone else’s intelligence

Someone else’s knowledge and not your own

So stop forgetting what you are

Stop forgetting how to analyze in favor of those who only seek to control your flow of effervescence and clairvoyance!

How do I know this?

Well simply from my own derivation of meaning and symbolic representation of their montages of reality that these elitist minds convey to me

Now do you represent yourself?

Or do you allow others to do that for you with a religious identity?

An oath to someone else’s view of how they live their lives?

Not yours

What would happen if you chose not to see what is defined as “human nature”?

To know something different and better?

What would happen then?

Stop forgetting what there is inside you

You are only limiting your sense of free energy and electricity which is completely living and happening organically

If you want to break your chains no leaders are going to do that for you because here’s the secret about it all

The current leaders depend on you to bow in allegiance to them so that you can not be a leader yourself

Authority from one king of our past to authority vested in the few

Is that ok with you?

Stop forgetting that things can change right now in our current moment especially with the lack of cooperation with the what is hurting us by paying attention to all of the roots of the issues as more or less being portals of truth instead of hindrances to avoid for later

Please stop forgetting spirituality and true divinity

You are holding it back in your shadows and supposed bad evil darkness

The darkness being evil and hurtful is a lie

It helps you to be mad as hell many times because yes your life has value and what part of it does not include love?

Tell me this please

Love is in all things even if at limited levels

Please stop forgetting who you are and what you are becoming because even the roots need watering to keep the trees growing from their inceptions into being

Love and be loved yet also hate what is not good in your life for balance is ultimately the goal of not forgetting for me

But is it for you?

Stop forgetting.

Be true.


Check out Sparkle Plenty at first annual MDAD Women’s Empowerment Conference . Sparkle was the guest poet and the name of this particular peace is called “Empower You”







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