Do you know how to build something new straight from the depths of nothing?

Is it really nothing?  Or is it coming from indeed something?

You know of this energetic power every single time that you close your eyes and see that empty space but do yourself a favor and see that it can be ascending. Ascending into something greater than you have ever imagined before in your life. This life of yours is more than the spirit, body, and mind because you are being made from spirit of life itself on a day to day basis. We often underestimate ourselves far too often in a dilemma of evil and good as if its something outside of us right now in this very moment, though is that fair to do to ourselves? Let us make something better and more connected to all of each other. We must see more and become more to know this but are we ready?

Business development has always happened literally out of no real experience in something or resources that are being developed because the resources that are utilized have always been here before us anyways. Acting like we are above these resources and not alongside them and relating to them and with them is ludicrous and eventually is unnecessary for our planet as a whole. We are these resources that we are dealing with and also that we are working in an effort to try to improve upon are we not? This energy beyond these physical bodies right?

We are these saviors that we pray upon and for.  What is higher comes into us through accepting the channels of connection to what before we deemed as impossible. I think therefore I am possible not because I am. Ascending into becoming more and greater is a responsibility of our race as a human species if we are to keep going. Can miracles happen now? So what if someone has intellectual disabilities and learning disorders, does that mean we always have to keep them within these disorders? With our labels, with our lackluster usage of frequencies on our planet for true healing, with our labeling of others as lesser or lower, and all of our bullying.

Do we need any of this anymore truly?

What happens if we can ascend?

What would be the result of ascending?

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