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Where can we attain the balance?

Is it in our rhythm?

Or lack of it?

Is it in our sense of individuality?

Or is it in our collectivity?

What is better to have: Extremity or nothing?

“The truth is extreme, to make moderate is to lie.”

Is what is told to me but what about the balance in between the extreme?

You certainly need to manage the middle as well in between the extreme which is the ultimate goal of attaining peace within. I am not going to tell you to give up any of your beliefs/religions/forms of spirituality, etcetera as that would be wrong of me but just gain peace for yourself. Gain balance for yourself and see to it how that is in the outside World that lies outside of you or seems to be outside of you though really is not and is a part of you right now.

You tell me. I’m just trying to find a balance, to build a balance between it all amongst all of the tumultuous traumas, dramas, crimes, murders, deforestation, and all of the chaos in the World today. I’ve been told to believe that I’m a God of some sort but I don’t agree with that at all, its too arrogant to think so; I’d rather be humble and know where I’m ignorant. The possibilities are always there and always will be yet they are only open when we open up our own sense of balance.


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Renaissance rising. Existing in a colossal time and space.

Having the ability sometimes may mean plenty of things.

Sometimes we appear dull. Using our other side as a survival tactic.

It’s best to remain willing to supply energy to a place where your presence may  not be appreciated.

Who truly needs to be in a space with any individual with a hostile frame ?

Coping with plenty different wavelength frequencies that may challenge the righteous mind.

Service is the solution to sound heart. Giving outside of our own sacred realm is one the most compassionate and Dragonfly_Valentine_by_syaconsiderate acts.

Humble heart (s) healing a humble soul(s)

Awakening to our symbolic nature.

Clearance and serenity.

Heart cryst. Bold alike the infinite trails of healing waters.

A shift in thinking pattern is a must.

Transcendence is made simple by experience, circumstance, swirled with free will/choice.

Therefore forcing flesh to surrender to the creative magic that sparks ab-original mind, after silly choice.

Express your history using a holistic approach. Knew discoveries.

It’s time we give meat a chance to reproduce and repopulate their breed.

One of the most heart breaking things to eye witness on this dimension, is oil in the water.

We deserve to awaken to our inheritance in order to sustain wealth for our future generations.

We must trust that they will pivot in a positive manner.

Gracing faith with the eternal tools polishing and resurfacing wisdom.

Transforming  state of existing.

Numbers will always tell the tale.

Taking the time about to be scene as a walking sacrifice.

Taking the time out to be scene as a walking sacrifice. Mankind created time-

May you be open to source InnerG

May you be open to source InnerG

Think responsibly ...!!!

Think responsibly …!!!

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Express our truth. Unfold your imagery…

Pure Flow Radio is the international common ground meeting place for creative professionals. Networking with productive minds.

Rise in Excellence

Rise in Excellence

Everyone is creative in their own right. All have added to the universe by expressing themselves using their talents to enrich our galactic communities. Allow me to remind you that you already have a blueprinted purpose lingering on this dimension. Awaiting your arrival and commitment. We have awakened beyond imagination. Our sol imagery have entered ancient gates of prosperous inheritance. Sincere platform filled with promise and integrity. Our past experiences are just the tool(s) we compass  as a reference. Utilizing our talents to supply a overflow of solutions. Infinite possibilities available to us through sound waves of ordained existence. Providing service on a grand scale. Old & new. Holistic wealth awareness.

Fatima the third secret.

Fatima the third secret.

inspiration-copmputer-key E-Commerce idea’s with a vast variety of successful organizations. Meet and greet your future self with confidence. Even XChange of Pure Flow. #SparkPlenty the moderator reminding us to remain merry on our destined journey Experience creative existence here & now.

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Understanding how the Community Currency Works

Below are videos on how a  community currency system works based on how the system of money had originally started out. The following film is an animated film by Canadian animator Paul Grignon which is called “The Essence Of Money, a Medieval Tale.” The movie starts off with the standard trading of goods, services, and products and then goes to the bartering system and then to a system of community currency. Grignon does a great job at explaining how the money system worked in basic terminology from the medieval times up until now and how it can be made better in this short animated film. Although the proposed change to our monetary system is an online system for digital coins to be traded by exchanges it is just one of the many solutions available for alternative trading and currencies.

What is a Community Exchange System?
A community exchange system is a community based local system of trade in which money other than the national currencies is traded for value based on what the buyer or seller of goods and services determines the value to be. This could be based on what they are already earning in the current marketplace operating from national currency such as hourly rates or flat rates. A Community Exchange System operates on an alternative, parallel, local, or community based currency system. A community exchange system is a new money system. Banks can be created out of this system with alternate currencies yet the currencies do not bear interest and are made solely for the benefit of others who use them for productivity in their communities. Popular methods of doing this are money by time or hours of work, money by talent or specialty, and or free banking. Free banking is banking without charging interest and by giving money to those who can give goods or services to the bank in return for money needed.
Money in this kind of system is basically a way of “score keeping” which keeps a record of who did what for whom and also who sold what to whom. So therefore money can never have a shortage because a third party like banks or government does not have to create it outside of the circuit of buyers and sellers which makes the money and credit free, for the buyers and sellers create it at the moment of trade.
Community currencies help to build up a real sense of community by means of creating a network for businesses, individuals, and organizations to prosper with alternative commerce solutions. Community Exchange System money is public domain money meaning that it is not a form of barter because barter means that there is bargaining involved between the goods or services that they wish to exchange.
What makes this function and work efficiently?
A Community Exchange System starts off with the creation of a directory of a community’s local goods and services offered by the traders registered with them as well what the wants and requirements. Once a trader requires what is advertised then the seller is contacted and the trade then takes place. Those in credit can claim goods and services to the value of their credit available to them and those in debit owe the community goods and services to the value of their debit. Updates are accounted for regularly and newsletters are given out and a list of trades is accounted for so the traders can be informed. Information about the trading positions of others is given and a balance is given so that other buyers can not exploit the system. News is updated for a community exchange system group or region regularly to assist in building links and a stronger sense of community as well.

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New Day New Experience

The New Day New Opportunity Business Expo in New York City was quite an inspiration full of vendors and great people. The event was one of hope, promise, expertise, and new businesses surrounding the Brooklyn NY region hoping to reach out to new clientele and new contacts. Sparkle Anthony was in attendance with the host of the event James Frazier, Luc Dorsinville, Tray Lover, and Mark Anthony.

Refer to our show which promoted the event:


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