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The Voice

We all have felt the energy of a great singer or the power of sport fans singing in support of their team. The atmosphere is electric , you can find yourself being lost to that moment thus leaving your worries and cares behind.

We charge our external world with our spoken words. We are electrical beings and as such generate an electrical frequency each time we open our mouths.

We add tonality, pace of words and volume to calibrate the frequency, with the hope our message expresses how we feel.

We think, then we create, the light information word capsules in our minds, it is then transferred to our voice box to be expressed as sound.

As our voice box is inherited from our Ancestors, which means that sometimes, our voice can sound like other members of our family up until a certain age or understanding.

As we evolve within ourselves, our voice changes in subtle ways to reflect this. In our favourite singers we feel an element beyond the sound in their voice. It is like part of their inner beauty or deeper mystery has escaped from their soul and can be translated within our being

We are mesmerized in thought but are unable to explain why. We know it when we hear it as it is more a feeling that comes from within ourselves. We can see this reality in other parts of lives, amongst friends, family, favourite actors, lectures and other people we admire.

The voice is just one expression as our facial gestures and body language all emit an energy frequency charge. The magic of our soul can be reflected in our energy expressions glow.

Many can see colours following out of us when we express ourselves. Could that be what they mean by singing the blues. I know it is much more complicated than that as colours are names for different frequencies of light.

Each colour has a reason for existence and effects nature in its own way. Nothing exists by accidents.

If your thoughts reflect the type of charge you express from your mouth, what colours do you think your words create? Electrically charged words, the power of our soul is truly expressed when we speak.

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New Day New Experience

The New Day New Opportunity Business Expo in New York City was quite an inspiration full of vendors and great people. The event was one of hope, promise, expertise, and new businesses surrounding the Brooklyn NY region hoping to reach out to new clientele and new contacts. Sparkle Anthony was in attendance with the host of the event James Frazier, Luc Dorsinville, Tray Lover, and Mark Anthony.

Refer to our show which promoted the event:


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