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What I realized over the years is that not everyone is interested in change. People admitting that they have issues are rare. It took me some time to accept this fact being that I have a transparent personality. It was a mystery to me why a lot of folk are in denial about their shortcomings. Some of us either don’t know we have issues or in denial about our issues. It is a challenge for me to sustain a healthy relationship with people who fail to notice the part that they play in anything. I had to discontinue a few relationships with people who fail to take accountability for their own actions. Blaming others, shaming others, just being critical of things with a limited perception. Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from people, places, and things that no longer serve us.

In order for me to restore, reevaluate, and realign myself I need to disconnect.  Folk who are unaware or pretend to be unaware of their own actions is a trigger for me. I’m open, honest, & willing. With that I need to be surrounded by people who are sensitive to my recovery process. I need constant inspiration, reassurance and compassion. Most of my pain began during my childhood years. I’m purposely selective. Just because people are friends are family does not mean they need to be a part of my life. This was tough for me at first due to nostalgic memories, however I realized that I could cherish positive memories and remember the good. It is our responsibility as adults to get any necessary help as needed. We need to know that ,growth is a vital part of being a human being.

I think that it is hustling backwards to be recovering meanwhile still be surrounded by people, places & things that make me sick. Forgiving someone does not mean going to be with them again in the physical form. It simply allows me to forgive myself and the part that I played and heal spiritually. I was strong enough to realize that I needed to create healthy boundaries. It felt good to take back my life. I’m not closed from the people I removed or altered communication with. I’m merely aware and alert to my needs and my peace of mind. If these so-called friends and family members ever choose to be accountable and get some professional help with their root issues, I will reconsider my relationship with them. Until then, I will carry on respectively.

This entry has been inspired by a Facebook friend who tagged me in a post regarding his struggle with mental health. I let him know that he is not alone. I simply reminded him that before we accept these labels, let us take a closer look at the people, places, & things that surround us daily. Sometimes being in an enviornment that is not supportive will make us feel like it’s our fault. When all the while some of us just haven’t been holding others accountable.




“Im not for any one; Im for every won”.


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Where can we attain the balance?

Is it in our rhythm?

Or lack of it?

Is it in our sense of individuality?

Or is it in our collectivity?

What is better to have: Extremity or nothing?

“The truth is extreme, to make moderate is to lie.”

Is what is told to me but what about the balance in between the extreme?

You certainly need to manage the middle as well in between the extreme which is the ultimate goal of attaining peace within. I am not going to tell you to give up any of your beliefs/religions/forms of spirituality, etcetera as that would be wrong of me but just gain peace for yourself. Gain balance for yourself and see to it how that is in the outside World that lies outside of you or seems to be outside of you though really is not and is a part of you right now.

You tell me. I’m just trying to find a balance, to build a balance between it all amongst all of the tumultuous traumas, dramas, crimes, murders, deforestation, and all of the chaos in the World today. I’ve been told to believe that I’m a God of some sort but I don’t agree with that at all, its too arrogant to think so; I’d rather be humble and know where I’m ignorant. The possibilities are always there and always will be yet they are only open when we open up our own sense of balance.


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Renaissance rising. Existing in a colossal time and space.

Having the ability sometimes may mean plenty of things.

Sometimes we appear dull. Using our other side as a survival tactic.

It’s best to remain willing to supply energy to a place where your presence may  not be appreciated.

Who truly needs to be in a space with any individual with a hostile frame ?

Coping with plenty different wavelength frequencies that may challenge the righteous mind.

Service is the solution to sound heart. Giving outside of our own sacred realm is one the most compassionate and Dragonfly_Valentine_by_syaconsiderate acts.

Humble heart (s) healing a humble soul(s)

Awakening to our symbolic nature.

Clearance and serenity.

Heart cryst. Bold alike the infinite trails of healing waters.

A shift in thinking pattern is a must.

Transcendence is made simple by experience, circumstance, swirled with free will/choice.

Therefore forcing flesh to surrender to the creative magic that sparks ab-original mind, after silly choice.

Express your history using a holistic approach. Knew discoveries.

It’s time we give meat a chance to reproduce and repopulate their breed.

One of the most heart breaking things to eye witness on this dimension, is oil in the water.

We deserve to awaken to our inheritance in order to sustain wealth for our future generations.

We must trust that they will pivot in a positive manner.

Gracing faith with the eternal tools polishing and resurfacing wisdom.

Transforming  state of existing.

Numbers will always tell the tale.

Taking the time about to be scene as a walking sacrifice.

Taking the time out to be scene as a walking sacrifice. Mankind created time-

May you be open to source InnerG

May you be open to source InnerG

Think responsibly ...!!!

Think responsibly …!!!

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Express our truth. Unfold your imagery…

Pure Flow Radio is the international common ground meeting place for creative professionals. Networking with productive minds.

Rise in Excellence

Rise in Excellence

Everyone is creative in their own right. All have added to the universe by expressing themselves using their talents to enrich our galactic communities. Allow me to remind you that you already have a blueprinted purpose lingering on this dimension. Awaiting your arrival and commitment. We have awakened beyond imagination. Our sol imagery have entered ancient gates of prosperous inheritance. Sincere platform filled with promise and integrity. Our past experiences are just the tool(s) we compass  as a reference. Utilizing our talents to supply a overflow of solutions. Infinite possibilities available to us through sound waves of ordained existence. Providing service on a grand scale. Old & new. Holistic wealth awareness.

Fatima the third secret.

Fatima the third secret.

inspiration-copmputer-key E-Commerce idea’s with a vast variety of successful organizations. Meet and greet your future self with confidence. Even XChange of Pure Flow. #SparkPlenty the moderator reminding us to remain merry on our destined journey Experience creative existence here & now.

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What does healing mean?

What is its purpose in life?

What can we do to make ourselves heal faster?

Is it possible to heal holistically and naturally?

Do not just answer me right away when thinking of such questions as these because that would not be doing justice to such strong and purposeful life questions. The questions of our lives often bring us further along the path of our freedom which do not make us “hippies,””nut cases,” “kooks,” etc. Honestly I would rather be called crazy than normal any day of the week and any second of any year of my life.

Why limit ourselves based on our notions of fear of healing who we are?

Who we are BECOMING?

The only constant in life is CHANGE.

By Sean K. Liebel
It’s like I’m sensing all of what is coming. A different kind of being.
Can you?
Or am I just dreaming?
Am I dreaming?
Or am I believing?
Or am I just seeing?
What isn’t already there oh yes I am healing
Emotional sense is growing
Artistic flair comes out in vernacular
Real power is in the vibration of the flower
Put the seed into the ground and watch it foster
Foster into something far greater
Yet it is all a manifestation of what is known by yourself
If not then what else?
Your true nature is something much better than twelve cranial nerves
I feel as though the consciousness makes for everything even the people who think like herds
You know just all in one group and do not truly understand for their own
I am trying to be known
Yet not to be bragged about too much
That is not why I need to heal because bragging would make me a klutz
Understanding mathematics in numbers teaches of the interconnection
It’s all flowing as my own experiential mission
My own purpose yet a shared purpose amongst 7 billion
Maybe one quintillion stars in spiritual progression
Healing a term of opportunity that is only seen by resourceful vision
Healing moves past depression but includes it in temporary conscious direction
It’s all in recovering from what is draconian
My mission is to bring the heart in alignment with the brain
Healing making me take away pain
The spirit produced me so what is the need to complain?
I take medicines yet should I feel strain?
Or should I feel the gain?
Being led by the heart and everything that all just helps the spirit to maintain
I want the spirit to lead me because the experience is what makes me
Molds me
Heals me entirely
Knowledge comes slowly
Yet so does healing in precious times that are timely
Yet life is a series of moments so I guess it is all momentary
I am a spiritual warrior trying to remember the powers that I have inside of me
Healing with gratitude, grace, peace, and beauty
Healing visually, spiritually, physically, in practicality, and in pure quality
Healing is about being blessed in righteous possibility

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TruthListen in
When you listen in the most profound insights can come to you if you can hear beyond the notion of what is known as “time”
Is time just a made up fiction for us to regulate ourselves with what we deem now to be realistic?
What even is realistic?
Why don’t we ask ourselves that question very often?
These times right now are dangerous if you don’t have a hold over your own consciousness or sense of it
Many family members get lost in the abyss of what is and how they can create from fears
Troubling mastering self when its only finite to what is Worldly
Its why I listen in closely to what is known within
I connect by sounds and what is not seen with human eyes
There is nothing wrong with this kind of connecting as many of us have it but choose not to listen to it
Do not try even answering my way of listening
Im hearing even when Im sleeping
I can always listen into what is beyond
Its not being a prophet its being my own guide
To that I do oblige
Psychological is far from cosmic in the sense that cosmic is continually scalable
We must wake up to our honest reality of what we really are instead of what we are pretending to be

Listen into TRUE SELF

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The moment you stop searching to find and understand “truth” (before science or religion) then you choose (free-will) to no longer be responsible for your actions, pass judgement, and blame other things/people besides self.

Only respond if you care enough to read the ENTIRE post!

If you don’t have the time or energy to read it all…… Keep scrolling for the cute cat pictures! 🙂

This post is going to be long and controversial and will likely lead to some “un-friending” …… And that’s fine.

I know my truth and would rather stand up for what’s right, then follow the trend like sheep.

Just know that this is coming from a place of caring about human life and exposing the truth.If you’re in the military or know somebody who is, it’s very unlikely we’re going to agree on this topic due to the emotional connection and psychological conditioning the US military complex has had on society. Honestly, I was going to stay silent about this topic, because I already know I’m going to get attacked by people who have family members in the military…..They’re going to clearly be speaking from an emotional place and I completely understand why….However, I’m not going to stay silent and I AM going to choose to walk through the fire… Why?  Because history was never changed by people who went along with the crowd and conformed to group-thinking. Society was never changed from people repeating what everybody else already was doing….People would rather adapt to a sick society, than call out its woes. So this is me doing so and speaking from my heart……

And there are MANY veterans that agree with my perspective.

Here is an AMAZING speech by one of them:

And here is a quote from the article I linked below about the issue of calling all military members “heroes”

“Not all teachers, hospice workers or social workers are heroes, but emphasizing the heroism of those who do commit to their clients, patients and students with love and service would cause a shift of America’s fundamental values. It would place the spotlight on tender and selfless acts of solidarity and empathy for the poor. Calling all cops heroes too often leads to pathetic deference to authority, even when the results are fatal, and insisting all members of the military are heroes too often reinforces the American values of militarism and exceptionalism.

The assignment of heroism, exactly like the literary construct, might have more to do with the assignment of villainy than the actual honoring of “heroes.” Every hero needs a villain. If the only heroes are armed men fighting the country’s wars on drugs and wars in the Middle East, America’s only villains are criminals and terrorists. If servants of the poor, sick and oppressed are the heroes, then the villains are those who oppress, profit from inequality and poverty, and neglect the sick. If that is the real battle of heroism versus villainy, everyone is implicated, and everyone has a far greater role than repeating slogans, tying ribbons and placing stickers on bumpers.”

With that said…..


NO. I do not support the over-hyped “automatic” patriotism. I will not stand up and salute you JUST because you’re in the military or police. (But that does not mean that I don’t support them as individuals).

This also doesn’t mean that I’m an anti-american or anti-government person, so don’t throw these labels around loosely.

Just because there are situations worse than ours doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at how to improve.

You can be grateful for living in this country, but still criticize it at the same time.

In matter of fact, that’s exactly what democracy is supposed to be about.

And before a military member gets mad….remember  this freedom of speech that I’m about to display is exactly what you fought for, right? 

Read what I’m about to say and try to understand why.

We need to look at the facts and we need to be honest.

So take a deep breath. Open your mind. And just hear me out.….


1. FINANCES -In a country that is trillions of dollars in debt, do we honestly think that cavemen with guns in a far-off land is more of a threat to us than our own financial situation? Look at out priorities. There are more empty homes than homeless people. There are preventable diseases that kill more Americans in one week than terrorists have in years. You are more likely to be killed by a U.S. police officer then you are a terrorist. Yet, look at how much we spend:

Since 2001, we spend an average of $10 million PER HOUR on war.

The more we support this “pro-military pro-veteran” agenda, the more we support war.

When it comes to military spending….

The United State is not only in first place, but in 2011, the USA spend more money then the next 13 COUNTRIES COMBINED! 

What is this all for? Think about how many lives we could have saved with the amount of money we spend on the military. And keep in mind that social programs and art programs are constantly debated over, when it’s not even a fraction of what we spend on war.

Stop supporting this machine in any way. Even when you innocently post “Happy Veteran’s Day”, you contribute to the social conditioning that the military is something we should praise, rather than condemn and hold responsible. I don’t have an issue with you honoring an individual in the military and giving them your personal admiration. Just don’t go around automatically giving your honor and respect to every single person who joined the military, especially when you don’t know anything about them. (I will get into this topic later in the post though)

Here are more financial facts:

America’s defense spending doubled in the same period that its economy shrunk

The amount of money labeled ‘wasted’ or ‘lost’ in Iraq — $11 billion — could have paid 220,000 teachers salaries.In 2008, the Pentagon spent more money every five seconds in Iraq than the average American earned in a year. The Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety.

If the main intention of our government was to “protect our freedom”, they wouldn’t be driving us trillions of dollars into debt over war, while so many programs are underfunded. This is 100% about power and money.  If you don’t think that’s true and you think that war is to protect our freedom and safety, let me repeat this sentence and really think about it. The Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety.

2. Unnecessary war (where you’re on the “offense”) is a corporate for-power and for-profit machine.

Let’s not convince ourselves that the main motivation for the U.S. Military is for our “freedom”.

Defending yourself is for your freedom. Attacking another country is for your power.

Let us not mix up these two.

Ask yourself this question: Has the U.S. Military attacked other countries more times or defended itself more times?

The fact is that the USA has killed more innocent people in other countries than other countries have killed innocent people in America. Every generation has had an empire that has tried taking over the world. Which country do you think that is today?

We currently have up to 900 bases in over a 100 countries.

That’s not “for our freedom” or to protect ourselves…. That’s for America/England’s empire to expand.

3. Just like most holidays and popular social causes, it’s mostly for show. It’s so people feel good about themselves.

Some people will say “Happy Veteran’s Day” and then drive by a homeless Vet and not look twice.

If everybody cared about vets so much, they wouldn’t have one of the highest homeless rates and suicide rates in the country.

America takes these young, confused boys and turns them into murderous men, and then throws them to the side when they’re no longer needed.

Here is the truth: You were manipulated and used by this agenda-based entity. You were young and most likely seeking direction in your life. This organization takes advantage of people when they’re in their most vulnerable stage in their life and emotionally manipulates them.  

They USE our brothers and sisters as pawns in a military game. They don’t actually CARE about you. If they did, there wouldn’t be so many homeless vets and vets who can’t get access to healthcare. They use you as a pawn to further their agenda and then give you one day a year where you can get free pancakes at Denny’s. Thanks! Anybody who went through what a vet went through should never go homeless. They gave their lives for a cause they didn’t understand. The only thing they can hold on to now is feeling “proud” of what they did, because it’s a lot more comfortable to do that than to even think about the possibility that they were used and manipulated. PLEASE watch the video above to see what a real brave soldier looks like.

4. In the last few decades, our American military has murdered MILLIONS of civilians all around the world. It is estimated that up to 500,000 people have been killed in Iraq, with many of them being innocent civilian casualties. Do you ever mourn for them on 911? The reason that we mourn for the loss of a few thousand Americans that died from 911, and NOT the loss of the half a million that died in Iraq, because of brainwashing. We take pride in “our” country above all else. We are more emotionally connected when it’s “one of us”. But at the end of the day, we are ALL human beings.

The suffering of anyone anywhere is the suffering of all of us everywhere. 

WHY do we mourn American life over foreign life?

How can you believe we’re all one, yet still go to extreme ends for nationalism?

An American life is NOT worth more than an Iraqi life.

The father who died in the towers on 911 is not any more valuable than the little baby that was killed by the bombs that American’s dropped. ALL LIFE IS OF VALUE.

For example, ISIS killed a couple Americans, and in turn, we killed 50 innocent people living in that country.

5. If we only treated our teachers, nurses, and volunteers with the same amount of respect and pride as we do with our military members, our society would be more balanced in their priorities. You know the difference between a military member and a terrorist? Perception…..and marketing. The word “terrorist” is a made-up word to put all causes under one group. Are we not the terrorists to the Afghanistan’s and Iraqi’s who we murdered? Are we not the terrorists to the 2,400 people (including hundreds of children) that were killed by our drone strikes (which your tax money funded) ? When ISIS killed a couple Americans, and in turn, we struck them and ended up killing dozens of innocent people living in that country, are WE not the “terrorists” to those families?  If China or Russia did to us, what we do to other countries, we would consider it an act of war. Imagine they set up bases in California and New York and imagine they dropped bombs that killed innocent children. Americans would be OUTRAGED.  I’m only sharing this perspective so you can at least try to understand why certain countries look at us this way.

Are we not attacking the same countries that we once funded and supported? Are we not creating these “events” as excuses to enter a country illegally and start attacking it? Isn’t it interesting that we found $1 TRILLION dollars worth of minerals in Afghanistan after the war? Let’s just be honest. This is about resources, money, and power. Not defense and freedom. By being “pro-military and pro-war”, we actually make ourselves more vulnerable. Each time we attack, it puts your freedom at even greater risk. It’s called “blowback”.

6. Why do we constantly use the word BRAVE when describing the military? Because they’re willing to shoot a gun? Because they’re willing to risk their lives?  These are the two main reasons we use that word when describing them….. But if that’s true, than that would mean that all gang-members and criminals are “brave” as well too, since they’re willing to shoot a gun and risk their lives as well. But apparently, we only call people “brave” when it’s for the military. (This is NOT to say that there aren’t many brave people in the military. This is once again to call out what I call “military privilege”.

Newsflash:  You’re not automatically brave JUST because you’re willing to shoot a gun. You’re also not automatically a good person just because you’re “fighting for our freedom”

Yet, we classify ALL members of the military as “‘honorable” and “brave” JUST because they’re in the military!

Newsflash #2 – There are lots of power-hungry mean pricks and lots of violent and sexual offenders within our military. And I’m supposed to honor and respect them JUST because they have a government uniform on? Why should I respect a racist, sexist, or rapist just because he’s in the military?

Did you know that men in the military develop PTSD from rape, at almost twice the rate they do from combat?


There are an estimated 26,000 rapes that happen each year. (and keep in mind that rape is the most under-reported crime)

Just because you’re in the military or fought in a war, doesn’t mean you automatically earn my respect or admiration. Yet, this is the mentality that they promote. 

 “Respect all military members”

Even the ones who have raped other men in the army?

Even the ones who have raped the women in the countries we’ve taken over?

Even the ones who are corrupt? The ones who have murdered innocent people?


Respect and honor is earned, and you don’t automatically get it because of your uniform.

If we had more REAL MEN in our military, then 1 out of 3 military women would not have been raped during their service.


 But hey….we have to admire and respect all these veterans right?

This does not mean there AREN’T good people in our military. It just means that each person should be judged by their character and personal choices and not be protected by this umbrella of nationalistic pride.

Another quote stated in the article below:

“Calling all cops and troops heroes insults those who actually are heroic – the soldier who runs into the line of fire to protect his division, the police officer who works tirelessly to find a missing child – by placing them alongside the cops who shoot unarmed teenagers who have their hands in the air, or the soldier who rapes his subordinate.”


Most of our military members literally have to do what they’re told. Period.  (even if it’s against their morals or ethics and even if they don’t completely understand what they’re doing or why they’re there)

When you really think about it, they’re puppets…and there is nothing “brave” about being a puppet.

You know what’s brave? Somebody like Mohammad Ali who stood up against war. He gave everything up at the peak of his career because he refused to go kill innocent people.

If you’re not willing to take a stand against the social brainwashing of our military, the least you can do is not CONTRIBUTE to the culture by “honoring what they do” as if it’s something admirable. Yes, they made sacrifices. But so do teachers, nurses, single mothers, etc…Perhaps it takes more guts to be willing to put your life on the line, but it doesn’t mean that it’s more of a contribution to society.

Pride and ego does not make your sacrifice a greater contribution to society than individuals who teach through love and compassion.

For all you people supporting this pro-military and pro-war agenda, you share the same apathy as the millions of people that allowed Hitler to succeed. You become the passive bystander waving your flag in the name of patriotism while your country murders millions of innocent people and disguises it as “protecting your freedom and interests”

Let us also not forget how America was even founded to begin with.

The “honorable men” of our past came here and murdered, raped, and enslaved millions of people.

When we think about the topic of courage through history, it’s rarely the person who picked up the gun, but rather the person who stood up against violence. It is the person who stood in front of a moving tank that was remembered, not the person driving the tank. It was Rosa Parks. It was Martin Luther King. It was Ghandi. It was people who stood AGAINST violence, not people who supported and promoted violence. And by supporting the U.S. military and making their job seem like it’s an “admirable, honorable, and brave” thing, you become part of the problem.

You promote the culture that teaches our youth that you can be ranked highly in society’s eyes if you’re willing to murder innocent people for your government’s agenda (even if you don’t understand or agree with it). It teaches these young men and women, that they can gain respect and power within their society if they’re willing to swallow their pride, put their personal morals and ethics to the side, and do exactly what they’re told without questioning it. This is an absolute lie. And each time that a business gives out a free meal on veteran’s day, or somebody posts “thank you veterans for you service to our country”, you become part of the social structure that teaches and promotes this false sense of pride and patriotism to the next generation. You know what vets would care more than your once-a-year holiday? Benefits, health insurance, and ending the wars.

The best way to honor veteran’s day is to stop creating more veterans!

8. And what is our agenda? Freedom? This is the one argument that I hear all the time..

They’re protecting your freedom. They’re fighting so you don’t have to.


You’ve lost more of your freedom since we started the “war on terrorism” than ever before.

Let me be clear. I am NOT against the military existing, nor am I against these people as individuals. I’m against our approach, our military spending, and the overhyping of patriotism and military pride, when we should really just allow it to be an inner calling that an individual can humbly approach. When we are 16 trillion dollars in debt, and our military keeps spending money we don’t have, rather than taking care of it’s people, THEY become the enemy. Not the ‘protectors’.

And as long as they continue destroying our socioeconomic status in the name of freedom, nobody should be willing to join them or support them in their destructive agenda. We lose so much more then we gain and war will constantly create revenge. There is no winners. Ever.

If military members kept their oath to protect against all enemies, foreign or domestic, they would be going after many of the corrupt members of our own government as well. They’d be going after the bank systems that destroyed the lives of millions of Americans. They’d be going after corporations that are destroying our environment and our health. They’d be going after the corrupt police officers. But they don’t. Because that would take courage. And remember? When you’re in the military, you don’t do what is right, you do what you are told.  Because if you don’t, you’ll get kicked out. Or if you speak up against the government, you might even get attacked or killed….. (Looks over his shoulder) 😉

Just look at how our government has treated Eric Snowden for courageously taking a stand. That’s what a real hero looks like.

While there are countries like Costa Rica that have no standing army and are just fine, I’m not even saying that there will be this utopian dream of no armies. But there is a difference between offensive and defensive. There is a difference between multinational corporations that create war for profit, as opposed to actually defending yourself from a takeover (which is ironically what many of these countries are trying to do).

And don’t even get started on how so many American Christians support war and support the military…..There goes the whole “turn the other cheek” thing that Jesus preached. People can be such hypocrites.

We justify everything so that it fits with our belief system without making us feel uncomfortable.

Cognitive dissonance is the greatest inhibitor to humanity’s growth.

So no, I don’t support the military that has murdered millions of people.

No, I don’t support the militarized police force that have abused their power and have committed police brutality, against minorities for decades. No, I don’t support any organization or person who supports unnecessary war in any way.

No, I don’t think it’s “brave” to do what you’re told without questioning it.

Today, I will honor people who took a stand. I will honor people who stood up for peace. I will honor all military members and police officers who were brave enough to stand up for something and didn’t just take orders because they were told to. i will honor the people who questioned everything and who took a stand even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do.

I will NOT honor the social brainwashing that the U.S. military has created where we’re trained to love war and the people who fight in it.


Well, too bad, because now you have to read the article below AS WELL 🙂

If you read what I wrote above and the article below, but still disagree, then feel free to comment (respectfully)

This is an important topic worth reflecting on, before emotionally responding to.

Thank you.

Read what I’m about to say and try to understand why.

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