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PURE Flow Juneteenth Event!

You are invited to this unity and community social;

Are you tired of that same old top charts Hip Hop that you hear on your average Mainstream radio stations nowadays? So are we! That’s why we are changing the game completely with a new feel, a new spirit, a new vibe. Do you flow with ease or do you struggle with your flow? How do your days usually go that way? Filled with fear or love? Or just a mix of both? If so then that is okay too because we have some of both fear and love within us too but we just get it out there expressively as best as we can. Remember that when you are a King or a Queen with your faith you will rise higher too. Come out to this event! You will not regret it.

HipHop is alive and well as Makaveli (Eerie Canal) and his Pure Flow family celebrate and honor the birth and legacy of Lesane Parish Crooks ( Tupac Amaru Shakur) along with the spirit of freedom and truth on this Juneteenth, as we do every year.

Dont miss this epic night of music, education, culture and the healing spirit of unity, as Pure Flow continues it’s rise to the top of the Music and Entertainment world.

Its been a long time coming…and your patience is rewarded with sincerity. We already won.. #PUREFLOW #SFD #UticaNY

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